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Blackbird! app for iPhone and iPad

4.6 ( 3696 ratings )
Games Card Casino
Developer: R. Don Wilson
1.99 USD
Current version: 1.7.5, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 28 Sep 2012
App size: 15.04 Mb

This game is similar to the classic ROOK® card game*.

Compete against the computer in this classic trick-taking game. Bid aggressively for the chance to declare trump. Take tricks with pointers to reach your bid or you’ll get set!

Play with two widely different rule sets (Kentucky Discard or Western Wyoming) or create your own set of rules to play with any of these options that can be on or off:
• Include 1s worth 15 points
• Low/high/10.5 Blackbird card
• Remove the Blackbird card
• Allow Blackbird card to be played anytime
• Winning bidder leads the first trick
• Red 1 worth 30 points
• Adjustable game winning score
• Bonus for taking most tricks
• and more!

Get awarded when you complete achievements and challenge your friends to complete them. Have fun looking at all of the statistics that are tracked so that you can analyze how you play.

Coming soon:
• Multiplayer - play with your friends!

* This is not in any way endorsed by or affiliated with Hasbro, Inc. ROOK® is a registered trademark of Hasbro, Inc.

Pros and cons of Blackbird! app for iPhone and iPad

Blackbird! app good for

I have had this game for 2 days and it is so much like Rook you wont be able to tell the differance. Some apps you buy and regret. No regrets with this app.
CAW!! The all powerful Rook Bird that can swoop down at any time an change the outcome of the game. Been playing Rook for 25 years and am psyched that there is finally an app to play with friend cross-country.
Love the game, even with all its shortcomings, but latest rev wont let me choose a friend and me to play the computer. It only will let us play two unknown picks from the real world. This is a change for the worst from prior versions.
Im really glad that this app is available. As a life time fan of rook, this is a close version to the original. With that being said, it needs some work. There are 3 things wrong with this app. 1) The AI partner will not throw points. He likes to keep those until the very end and we usually dont get them. 2) I did the math, the computers get the Bird 90%+ of the time. Its very hard to set someone and win a bid when I never get it. 3) The AI opponents never bid 90 or above without the Bird....ever. How can I expect to set them if they never bid high. And how do they know their partner doesnt have it?? There are a few minor things they happen also that Im not going to write about. Overall, a good app that needs a little improvement.
I love everything about this app except for one thing. One of the main reasons I bought this was so that I could play with friends. Since Game Center recently changed it has made it impossible to play a two player game with a friend. If this ever gets an update, Ill give it 5 stars!
My family loves the actual game. Except we play the 13 as count and minimum bid is 75-120 we dont play with the birds either

Some bad moments

If you already know how to play the game of rook dont even bother getting it but if you dont understand how to play this is a good app to learn.
It all begins and ends with the hands you are dealt. I started 26 new games, examining my hands, and there are four suits with 16 potentially valuable cards. You need to have a few of those "16" cards to ever win a hand. In 26 deals I got no more than 2 of those cards ever. I used to play this game daily for years. Nowadays I have other apps. Time moves on.
The computer intelligence needs improved on this game....when playing with the computer as your partner it doesnt know to throw you points when youre obviously going to catch a trick. Its hard to set the other team because computer partner wont throw you points. Instead it holds point cards and then loses them.
I like the game, though if you play enough You see that the game is rigged, I can tell you almost to the card what the next one will be. Doesnt the game do random, like in a true game of cards. Maybe the programmers should look into this. Signed disappointed.
I bought this to be able to play with my husband and it worked fine for the first couple month but apparently it messed them up when apple removed the game center because we were not able to play together since. Single player works great but not really worth paying for it.
He game plays like the real thing. The AI terrible and needs an overhaul. I seriously wonder if the development team even knows the game some many of the moves your partner makes does not seem logical or strategic. I feel like its three against one. I hope that this was free or else I want a refund.